Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3) wrote,
Nadine Brown

Selfish Curiosity... a poem.

What about me makes you breath
A sigh of relief once I have left the room?
This same sigh fills the room once a baby has left the womb.

What about me gives you courage and hope
Makes you smarter than a dope?
"Don't be shy for it is I!",... the sort of love that makes you unlike a dove.

What about me gives your life a glory once you hear all or part of my story?
Does it make you glad you are not me,
Feeling free and not trapped by your own insecurities?

What about me makes you wild and unexiled, like a child
Forthcomming and ready to cross the street without looking... running?

Is there a point about me where you say, "This lady is crazy and the last thing I want to be is her like me."?

What about me makes your heart beat with the only one heat
Even the Sonoran Desert street cannot match by any feat?
I ask this of you, I entreat... what about me?
Tags: poems

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