Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3) wrote,
Nadine Brown

New Year... A Poem

A new year is here and as expected we are ready to raise our glass up and give a shout-out/ cheer.

In celebration and anticipation for some sort of emacipation that our new year revolution, in relation, will give us.  The hope of a life a chance to start again.

What we know and all we know is "Yo-ho! Forward, onward starboard we go!"  Like pirates on a mission we envision that the new year will provide new chances of exploration.  A chance for new declarations.

And through all this hope that is abound there are a few doubters/ worriers to be found.  "The new year will find us no longer here.  The human race is a waist of space on this earthly place and so, we must now go.

The end is here so why do you cheer?!", they cry as facts based on a long forgotten religion has died and been resurrected seemingly to have affected the minds of today so that they no longer can shout "Horay!" at the new year, but instead live in fear.

But wait... haven't we been here?  Weren't there simular end of days proclimations accross the nations that computers will crash if we didn't do something fast?  We panicked and ran around only to have found that there was not a single true sign of trouble going down.

So then, we laughed at the past, simply aghast at the fast manner in which we all scattered and catered to the whimsy and how simply flimsy our faith in our maker was.  Easily broken by a mass media attempt for control.

So, what is a person to do, shutter in fear or shout "WOO-HOO!" at the on-comming year?  Having lived most of my life in fear... I like being here, being willing to enjoy the thrilling new promise of tomorrow to see where next we are to go.

So, I will be apart of the pirating crew, raising my semitar shouting "WOO-HOO!  Hey-hey yo-ho to the new year onward we go!  Full speed ahead for we aren't likey to be dead until the good Lord has it said for us to be put in our 6' deep bed."  Yo ho maties, yo ho!
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