April 9th, 2012

The Tendant Sea

I have the tendancy to lay myself bare, and once there hopin' that the token I have opened will not be for nothin'.

Tendancy to lay my self wide, and decide that all of me or none of me is what you get to see.

Wanting to desperately have someone "get" me in a way that leads to sureity and away from the unpredictable open sea of endless possibility... that is me.

When I lay myself bare, lyin' there, I feel both hope and dispare. Scared, of what may be a chance to have a friend or an enemy, but only time will sea.

My open and hopin' heart begins to bleed wishing that I had fleed the scene of what is or may be a crime scene of me.  The murder of my ferver to love... and be loved.

But then I remeber not to tremor at a potential lost, reminded of the cost of the One who is worthy of my pearls, to whom my flag unfarrowed furrls.  He is to be understanding, trusted and loved, who lays Himself down on the cross at the cost of our sin, open and left bleedin' while others were left laughin'... at him.

Lead me not into the tendant sea of doubt, remorse and fret.  Let me ever never forget the One who does "get"... me, and who I am to be.

-Nadine Brown
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