Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3) wrote,
Nadine Brown

Existance... a poem

I exist for many reasons.
Existance is futile if you never admit to it.

For some, I exist as a joke.
The thing you tell others to feel better about yourself, as you laugh away into your drink at your fave bar/ pub.

A hypocrite
Sneakily experssing herself on the internet partially hoping no one is listening, because they don't realy care anyway.
Secrectly hoping someone, that one, gets your backwards joke.

A mother
Who stands over you to ensure your homework is done, teeth are brushed and hugs are given.
Life lessons taught, if only for a moment learned.

A christian, but I exist as a human too.
I have my failings and fallings out with my maker.
We struggle, fall out and then we hug again.
People who want to use my "faith" as an example won't have much to live up to, so it'll be easy for them.
My relation with my Lord is constantly changing.

A poet
Though, I use to know it... I did poetry all the time when I was younger. It helped calm the quieting storm.
Poetry is a means of expression, and you hope the impression that others mention of you is one of hope and deep thoughfulness.
Most just get stressed and miss the meaning of a moment now lost.

A lolita fashion-cheapista
Who needs to get a hold of herself and realise that it's just clothes,
And nobody knows that it's an expression, extention of one facet of your inner space.
A show of what your inner grace can be if you truly wish it.

A Contrast
To play in the mud, after just cleaning the house.
Move around without even the hint of the deameanor of a mouse.
These are moments worth living, experiencing and giving.
To have your head in the clouds higher than an airplane.
To get slapped back to earth tumbling in chaos again.

Exsistance is futile if you continue to deny it.

-Nadine Brown

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